About Us

we met at Dixie State
& after our 3rd date we were together pretty much everyday

we got engaged march 2009
dan brought me dinner while i was at work
cause that's all i ate in college
when i opened my big mac i saw the ring
& while i was busy texting everyone about how we were engaged 
he was busy eating my big mac

we were married on august 14, 2009
we had a small ceremony with just family & close friends
then we had our reception the next day

we found out we were expecting after being married for only 4 months

had little Indie DeWitt on sept. 15, 2010

became a family of 3

on jan. 26, 2012 we added a new edition to our family
Maya Sue


McCall said...

You guys should have a million babies cause they are SO STINKIN' CUTE :)

The Talivakaola's said...

Hahaha I love the part about how you were texting everyone that you were engaged and Dan was eating your Big Mac. haha